Fire Damage Restoration

Our fire damage specialists understand just how stressful a fire can be, and our team knows how to take the stress out of the restoration process by handling all the details for you. We will arrive quickly on the scene and accurately estimate the extent of your damage, handle all insurance communication and billing, secure and board up your property, take care of all content storage, and professionally reconstruct the fire damage to your home in a prompt, efficient manner. Our goal is to return your life back to normal just as soon as possible and restore your home to its same, if not better, pre-disaster condition.

Smoke Restoration

Our fire damage specialists will test the soot to determine the type of smoke damage that has occurred at your property. The information obtained from this test will determine the cleaning methods and procedures we use to properly restore your home after fire and smoke damage has occurred. Different types of soot include dry smoke residues, wet smoke residues, protein residues, fuel oil soot, and other types of residues such as residue from fire extinguishers.

The Unique Behavior of Smoke

Due to the unique behavior of smoke, proper smoke restoration must be performed by an experienced restoration company. Smoke can cause hidden damage and odor by penetrating within the cavities of a structure. Our fire restoration specialists will use their knowledge of building systems and structures to determine just how extensive the fire and smoke damage to your home is and develop a comprehensive plan to fully restore it.

The last thing you need is the smell of smoke lingering around to remind you of the disaster you’ve had to deal with. That is why we use the very best products and procedures to break down and remove smoke molecules and trap and suck up soot and other smoke particles. When it comes to properly cleaning fire damage, you can count on the professional restoration team at First Call Restoration.

Fire and Smoke Restoration

We offer a very comprehensive plan and set of procedures when it comes to fire and smoke restoration. Below is a general summary of the services we offer throughout the fire restoration cleaning and rebuilding process.

  • Stabilize the structure and board up the property.
  • Label all the contents of your home that can be restored and move them to our storage facility.
  • Contain and deodorize the smoke odor.
  • Remove the residue as quickly as possible as soot is very acidic and the longer it remains in place, the harder it is to remove.
  • Use dehumidifiers, water extractors, and other professional equipment to remove all water from fire extinguishers.
  • Use anti-microbials and disinfectants to prevent mildew and mold
  • Remove structural materials from the premise that can’t be salvaged
  • Professionally rebuild and restore all damaged areas

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